Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Role Models

So, I thought a brilliant way to start would be pointing out the fabulous mom-tastic people who inspire me to step it up.
First of all, there's my sister Kathleen. She has 4 kids 6 and under and keeps a spotless house. She takes gobs of pictures of the little beauties and finds the time to put them online and blog about their adventures. Growing up, it wasn't hard to see the natural mother in her. She always had a sweet demeanor and I thought of her as a peacemaker. She also spent a good amount of time nurturing her young siblings. I know when I was young I always wanted to climb into bed with her or Barbara (my oldest sis)... but I kicked a lot, so it wasn't invited regularly. She also spent a great deal of time tending to my little brother. Her blog has motivated me to start one of my own and upload some rather out of date photos onto flickr and tell the stories associated so people who want to feel involved and updated about my life can do so.
Secondly, there's my college roommate Jen. She is a natural organic mother. She went all natural for the birth of her daughter. She recalls the experience as being really fun. There are so many admirable, fun, praiseworthy things I think about doing, but the thoughts never materialize probably because I don't believe in myself. Jen doesn't have this problem and she has a lot of the same ideas I have, but she actually does those things and it makes her so creative and fun to be with.
Third there's my grandma Barbara. I have thought a lot about her lately. She passed away when I was almost 5. She was very Lithuanian. She raised my dad on her own since grandpa Leo passed away (my dad was 7). She had a business in a time women were not often found in the workplace. She lived providently. She valued education and family. She was able to provide for her son and her grandchildren. I want to be provident like that & provide well for my family. I want to be attached to my Lithuanian roots like she was. I heard she was a great cook & once did recipes for Betty Crocker. I love cooking, I especially love trying out her recipes.
Fourth, there's my mom (now this could be an entire posting). I was not an easy child, though I wasn't "rebellious". I was constantly jealous and riddled with self esteem problems. My mom taught me a lot in mothering me. She taught me that Motherhood is a learning process. It is different for each child you have. I learned that love is the greatest motivator. Being the best mom you can be is divine and never ending and it is a vastly important responsibility. Most of all, I am grateful that her testimony of the gospel is so obviously bright. The gospel is my favorite thing in the world and the best gift my mom could have passed on to me, it brightens every day and gives purpose to everything. Love is what raises a child and helps them make good choices. Love raised me.
My Disclaimer: If you are an amazing mom in my circle, you know you inspire me right? I mean, there are so many things to admire about you.

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