Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Love Story

I am so in love with my husband. He is sane beyond reason, and he's patient, laid back, so supportive, and he thinks I am amazing. He is the friendliest guy I have ever met. We have two boys. My family fills my heart every day. This is the story of how it all began.
My husband and I met while we were at college. I remember when I met him though. It's as if I had been propelled out of the cocoon I hid in through high school and I was now a social butterfly. I went from apartment to apartment getting to know the people in my LDS singles ward. LDS singles wards are an oddity of social experience where *almost* everyone is looking to get married and start a family. It's a super social environment, and it is so fun. Anyways, The door to my future husband's apartment was wide open, I kinda knocked on the door and introduced myself. My husband was at his laptop, he looked up and said hi. That was the extent of our first meeting.
He started hanging out at my place after my roommate/Best friend threw a Korean Thanksgiving Party called Chusok. After Chusok, he spent all of his free time at our apartment, earning him the title "Apartment Boyfriend". We had his schedule on our fridge, he helped with cleaning checks, he fixed our door bell, made us dinner on Sundays, and accompanied us on shopping trips (even to JoAnn's where he realized his interest in me).
I had a boy back in Michigan... it took me a while to realize that boy had to grow up, and I wasn't helping. While I was hung up on this boy, My husband (we'll call him handsome pants) chased me with persistence. We went on a couple dates. I would flirt with him, then tell him he wasn't my type. My sister kept telling him to keep trying because she just knew he was perfect for me. I let him see all the unimpressive sides of me. In my most pitiful hour, he realized he loved me.
My roommate and I would talk into the night, we would talk about the people in our life and what praiseworthy things we had done in the day and what we were excited about for tomorrow. I remember a conversation about Handsome pants, She said, "No matter how many times you break his heart, he's always there for you the next day. It seems he's your friend above all else." That may be when my eyes and heart started to open. Christmas break came and I broke up with my boy in Michigan. It's like a siren stopped going off, a cloud was removed from my sight and I could see that standing right in front of me was the man of my dreams. Within a week after we were back from break, we were dating. I remember it was Wednesday when I was at the temple, I prayed about him and got a resounding yes. That's when it really started to rain blessings from heaven. I know that God prepared him for me. Everything about my husband is why I love him and it tells me that Heavenly Father knows me perfectly and loves me perfectly. My handsome pants makes me so happy. I feel honored and blessed to have him every day. The longer I am with him the deeper I love him. He is everything I never knew I needed. My life is a fairytale & I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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