Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Fabulosity of it all...

Sometimes I wonder if I have landed on a patch of the world a little closer to heaven than anywhere I have ever been. The ladies are unique and legendary. They inspire me on every turn. The landscape is green and fruitful. Maybe I'm just at a point in my life where I'm awake and I have a fabulosity detector in my nose. I love this place. I love the people. My heart aches to think at some undetermined day I will move. Portland area is a very fun place to live. The restaurants are fab, the variety of farms here means there is a vast array at farmers markets and there is definitely culture in Portland. The parks are great. My local "Pirate Park" is off a trail (meaning no car danger) with assets like a water feature emptying into a sandpit, two pirate ship themed structures (one for littles, one for bigger kids), an oasis with slides going both sides down the hill, eight swings, picnic benches, & a wrap around trail for trike races. It's like Kid Mecca. Then if I get tired of my house on a rainy day there are 2 indoor play places near by (Munchkin Playland is in walking distance, Out of This World is humongous) - their price makes it an occasional event, but it's always a blast and I meet other mom-tastic people. Then there is Waterfront park by the river in Portland. On Saturday this park is very populated because of Portland Saturday Market, a local artist, craft, & food fair that happens March-Christmas every Saturday. Waterfront park also has 2 "walk in" fountains, flowering trees, a historic Rock Garden (there are historic things written on giant rocks) and it is absolutely romantic and beautiful. I live about an hour from the coast & 30 min from Portland. The water at the coast is too cold for swimming, but it is beautiful and full of life. I like playing with the barnacles and poking sea anemones when the tide is low. I love the very place that I live. I'm next door to a playground, an indoor playground, a grocery store, my church, a farmers market, a nursery, a pool and hot tub, a fitness center, a Thai restaurant, a pizza place (& other restaurants) and the friendliest people. It is the easiest place to meet people and live comfortably. My only complaint is that I stink at container gardening and I would someday like to have a garden. Another plus is Nate's family lives near-ish and we get to see them 1-2 times a month. So many blessings!

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