Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More about Joshua

Alright, he's the most loving kid I've ever met. He is kind to kids who push him and take his toys. He loves his little brother so much and he is so obedient. I love everything about my son's personality. I often feel like Heavenly Father sent me one of his very best. I feel very blessed to be this kid's mother. I am touched by his heart and goodness every day. I really don't think I taught him that, he totally came to me this way.
He is behind in a couple areas: speech, comprehension... I worry about it. I wish I knew how to help him shine his light and communicate more effectively. Sometimes I ask him questions. He fidgets and I can never tell if he has understood what I've asked. He replies more often than he used to, but his replies are hard for me to understand and I'm never sure if he is actually answering my question. I take him to speech therapy & he has started talking to me more. I tell you, my heart sings when he says a full sentence or tells me about his day at school or when I hear him say a prayer. His first words were "thank you". If you know my son, you know those words are two of his favorites. I want to know if there is something more I should do. I'll pray about it, I think God has some important insight for me on this matter.

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