Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Gooey Inside

I love love love my family. I will be flying to see them soon. I can hardly wait. My visit prompted a family reunion since I live all the way in Oregon and I can't drive to Ohio. I am super excited to see everyone. My sister Krista is coming up early with her son to spend more time with me. The thought made me feel so gooey and warm inside (like a toasted marshmallow). I am the 5th of 6 kids. I'll give you the line up-- 1. Bra-Bra, 9 years older than me, loves Italy, lives in the cheese state, working on doctorate in SLA. 2. Kathleen, has 4 kids ages 6 and younger, lives in Tennessee. 3. Lee, Veteran of the Iraq war, lives in my home town. 4. Krista, has one boy, lives in Kentucky. 5. Lovable furry old me. 6. Bryan, big superman fan, lives in my home town.
It will be quite the crowd. I am so excited to show off my offspring and meet the new little ones in the family. I am excited to be around them all, see where I came from again. I love them so much! Now, back to my chores. ;)

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