Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm a Bug.

I've decided my life is much like a bug. A caterpillar infact. As a child I inch my way along, I'm fluffy, I eat as much as I want, aware of myself, but not much else, and there's this wonder that everyone knows I will grow up, but who will I be?
Then in High School, I slipped into my cocoon of awkwardness (A.K.A. "Pupa-ty") and didn't socialize much, but I spent my time thinking, dreaming, & working through my hormonal issues, crushing on boys to pass the time and deciding what I wanted to be as an adult.
College arrived and I tore out of my cocoon and flitted about (& flirted about), ready to meet my match. Now I have my own little nest of caterpillars.
I am a bug. A Butterfly.

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