Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Switch to Cloth Diapers

My lovely baby Levi has never been able to wear any disposable diapers except Pampers, the most expensive brand with (in my own opinion) a sub-par absorbency. If he does wear an inferior brand, he gets an awful rash with welts and blisters and skin peeling. And with Pampers he leaks almost every time and I have to clean his pants and bedding every day. He is 17 months old and I finally decided to switch to cloth. Why did it take me so long? Fear. I remember my mom telling me how frustrating cloth diapers were and how disposables are the best invention since buttered toast. Also, I hate laundry and I'm not hiring a diaper service. So I looked up online where the hippie mom stores are in Portland (there are like 5 in the metro area). I picked one and honestly, I think I picked very well. They have a 30 day exchange policy. So if I find I don't like the kind I purchased, I can try something else. I was pretty nervous about switching, but once I did I realized a few things.
A. I was a fool for waiting so long! Not only are these diapers not hurting my baby or my wallet, I don't mind cleaning them. I actually get a bit of a happy feeling as I wash them because I'm saving money and saving the earth and doing what is best for my son. Plus, I don't have to clean his pants and bedding every day! (my laundry load has shrunk)
B. Since I'm not buying diapers for Levi anymore, I am definitely not buying them for my 3 1/2 year old. So, Joshua is now potty trained! Yay!!
C. People compliment me on Levi's diapers. They want to talk about it and they send me happy vibes.
If you are thinking of switching to cloth, just throw fear out your window and do it. The options have changed so much since my parents were doing it. And, some hippie mom places are awesome and let you try their stuff out before committing which is a huge comfort for me. If you're in Portland area the place is called Babyworks. I love them.

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  1. I love cloth, I love folding my flats and prefolds but what I love even more is not using any diapers and putting my baby on the potty. that is something you also shouldn't be afraid of.