Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Mom Sandbox

I love apartment life. Okay, I dream of homeownership, but I'm good where I am for now. This is the main reason why: Mom sandboxes. The particular complex that I live in is surrounded by mom sandboxes. There is a pool and hot tub, a playground, and Munchkin land down the hill for the rainy days. I go there with my kids to have fun, and I meet the moms that live here. It is so fun to have so many people living close by. It is almost effortless to make good friends here. Then it's super easy to stay in touch because they live here & you run into them all the time. Today I dropped Josh off on the bus and went to the pool with my baby Levi. I made three friends!
I call these places mom sandboxes because I've always heard it said that kids have it so easy making friends, they just sit in the sandbox with someone and they are automatically friends. Today is awesome.

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